Maplestory Questions after a 2 year break

1. What is this reboot world? I’m not sure I understand even after reading a little about it.

2. What classes are currently “most wanted” when partying up with others and whatnot? I have a 201 Bishop on… Mardia, I think, so any class not that would be a nice suggestion.

3.Would I be able to transfer my bishop to this new Reboot server? It seems it has a lot of players and iirc my world was dead when I quit.

4. How far has the story progressed in terms of fighting the Black Mage?

5. Do things still cost a LOT for even the most menial of items? Like items worth 2b+?

I have follow up questions depending on answers.

I have asked this on reddit to no response so asking here.

i hope i can help out with some questions.

1. in reboot, you cannot trade with other players, from my understanding the reboot world is supposed to be a more Non pay to win server.

2. ive heard Bishops, and Kannas are most wanted in PQ’s, bishops for xp boost, and Kanna for increased spawn rate, Lumi ive heard is best for meso farming

3. As far as i know i dont think you can transfer from other servers to reboot.

4. That i have no idea about

5. since you can no longer trade with other players, items are not worth that anymore, you have to farm for the items you want, then you have to star power them which is very costly, im not a master at upgrading items so i dont know the exact details.

random side note, at level 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150, you get reboot gift boxes that give you special items like cubes, and maplestory mesos

hopefully i helped answer some of your questions, like i said im not a know it all at this game

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