[MapleStory] SmartBored’s Unfunded Journey Episode Two – Power Leveling Withdrawal

Believe me I of all people know that it’s hard to tell someone’s tone over the Internet. But you going “I subscribed to your channel specifically for this series” is the same as going “Hey man, I don’t care about you at all, I only care about this series. So make this series end fast”. Don’t go pointing fingers at me.

I’m sorry you feel that way. That’s not what I meant, I was trying to say that I liked the video so much that BECAUSE of It, it made me wanna subscribe to your channel to keep up with anything else you may upload.

Anyone want to add me in maplestory? Name: (LotusJS) My Main. lvl 193 now. Gonna rush to lvl 200 but i train at twlight perion when i free. any ringer or kanna or bishop/ phantom can help? exp quite slow ytd training there.

you choose battle mage I am abit surprised.. I would choose wildhunter.. or any other class of Resistance. I dun like battle mage mobbing skill.. I train my Battle mage to lvl 140.. maybe I will train battlemage to 150 170 to unlock the hyper.

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