Maplestory State of the Economy

Over the last few weeks, many of you noticed a sharp increase in value of items, such as Tyrants, No Booms, Clean Slates, Root Abyss gear – Basically, everything with large demand.

I’ve seen people ask what’s the cause for this sudden inflation. To answer shortly, the meso’s value is deflating BIG TIME.

Why are mesos deflating? Botters.

I’m sure everyone has seen at least once a message in-game saying a character with a suspicious name has received a Protection / Safety scroll from Elite mobs.

These are bots, who farm Elite mobs 24/7.

These bots supply the FM a HUGE stock of items such as Clean Slates, Chaos of Goodness scrolls, Epic Potential scroll, Protection scrolls and cubes. In result, the person / group who controls these bots get INSANELY rich.

It’s prohibited to talk about it on these forums, but I assume you all know what they do with their mesos.

Every week, as the meso weakens, items keep increasing in price, which hurts casual players the most, as they don’t have a large steady income of mesos like high-end players do. Casual players will soon find themselves unable to make any sort of real progress in this game, damage-wise, as they won’t be able to afford ANYTHING!

This will lead to even more players quitting Maplestory, a thing I’m trying to prevent with this thread.

Nexon, I ask you, for the sake of the future of this game, to remove all drops from Elite mobs and bosses, until you find a way to ban / block all botters.
If Elite mobs / bosses won’t drop anything valuable, the botter’s meso income will decrease dramatically, which will lead to a steady growth of the meso’s value.

Please take actions ASAP, as the state of the economy worsens on a daily basis.

Look, let’s cut to the chase.

I’ll start by saying I don’t support nor recommend anything I’m about to write. I’m just pointing out facts you should already be aware of, if you play the game regularly.

These groups, that control the bots, make a ridiculous amount of meso. What do they do with the meso? They sell it for real currency. If you enter the FM at channel 1, you’ve probably seen bots advertising these kind of sales.
Since there’s a lot of competition between these hacker groups, each groups undercuts the other for more customers.

Someone in this thread mentioned not a lot of people sell NX nowadays. Why? because it’s simply not worthwhile when these hackers supply absurd amount of meso for a relatively low amount of $.
The people who continue to sell NX for meso, match their prices to those of the hackers.
For example: if hackers sell 1B meso for 5$, NX sellers will sell a 10k NX code for 2B.

Since a lot of people get their meso off hackers, the demand for items like nebulites, no booms, clean slates and other high-end gear increases, as more people are able to afford them. Since the demand increases, so does the price of each item.

Right now, botters have two main sources of income:
1. Farming meso – this has been going on for years without a drastic change to the meso’s value.
2. Selling Elite mob drops – The drastic changes to the economy started when Elite mobs were introduced. This means this method is their main source of income.
Cutting off the hackers income from Elite mob drops –> Smaller stock of meso for sale –> Hackers increase the prices of meso –> Players who buy meso off hackers can now afford less meso –> Less demand for high end items –> Prices deflate –> Casual players can now afford items.
Once again, I’m just mentioning facts most people are already aware of. I’m not advertising, nor promoting other players to break the ToS.
Leaving these facts out of this thread is like ignoring the problem.

Elite mobs drops are a big cause, though.
Since, basically, everyone buys Elite mob drops off bot stores, you’re concentrating a large % of the server’s meso in the hands of those who control the botters.

Since there isn’t just one group of people who control bots to monopolize the meso’s value, we’re seeing a huge decrease in value.

Botters were around for years, but it was only since the release of Elite mobs that meso started weakening so drastically.

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