Maplestory Suggestion Change The Way We Buff & Remove Mastery Book

1. Don’t you guys think that buffing every time gets a bit annoying for example:

–Applies to jobs with multiple buffs

– Grinding in maps, having to rebuff every few minutes (2/3 mins)
– Every time the boss debuffs you; you have to rebuff by then you finish buffing, the boss activates
either wep cancel, damage reflect & etc

I suggest that Nexon change all the buff into active passive just like Beast Tamer. This will benefit both bossers & grinders. For party buffs, when you join the party the buffs will automatically be given out to the other players without having to say “Holy Symbol, Sharp Eye, Maple Warrior, Hyper Body, Advance Blessing, Aura from BaM, Rage & etc”

2. Another suggestion is to remove all the mastery books and make all the buffs max at level 30 just like Cygnus. I get how Nexon made new mastery books to replace the old ones (MB 20 = 3m / MB 30 = 5m) but when you think about it why not just remove them so no one has to struggle buying mastery books especially maplers with no mesos that are like lvl 120+

I hope you guys agree with me!

1. I believe there’s an update coming from KMS in which many buffs become passive.
I don’t agree with making all buffs passive, especially party buffs. This game is too easy to “afk farm” and “afk leech” in as it is.

2. Maplers with no meso that are like lvl 120+ can do quests for mastery books, or buy them with Crusader Coins or Evolving Coins.

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