[Maplestory Suggestion] Masteria Android Shop

I’d like to throw out suggestions based on the androids that are obtained through the masteria through time blockbuster.

Seeing as they’re obtained through masteria, i think it’d be an interesting idea to theme the shop to masteria.

Let me elaborate for clarity.

I believe that the shop instead of consisting of the basic potion shop items could instead be similar to that of Mikis general store inside of new leaf city.

also i would like to suggest possibly making elpam elixers available inside the android shop upon completing elpam gorlabs chain quest.

I would also like to suggest adding in the Naricain elixer into the shop, however the shop would be stocked with only 1 that you can buy each week for 20 mil.

Another suggestion would be a Bigfoot transformation potion and headless horseman transformation potion that restock once per week that only become unavailable upon the completion of catch a bigfoot by it’s toe as well as One Step-A-Head.
if anybody else has serious suggestions to build upon this for the Masteria android shop please feel free to do so.

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