Maplestory Suggestion: Spring and Autumn cleaning

I have a radical suggestion to try improve the game and I think, aside from maybe a small dissenting minority, would probably be largely welcomed by the community.

Every Spring and Autumn, for 1 month, run absolutely no major new content for maplestory. No new class releases. No major cacophony of events. Instead give that time over to the coders and everyone else to work on cleaning up the game ie

a) Fixing glitches and bugs (there are many that are months, if not years old).

b) Work on optimising game code to reduce lag and server load.

c) Work on game features that everyone knows really should have been done years ago eg making link skills able to be moved more easily.

d) Other general clean up such as removing monster drops that no longer serve any real purpose anymore.

Just to encourage people to still play while that goes on, run a simple standard attendance, or hot weeks, and give us 2x exp and drop events at the weekends. That way players still have a reason to log on and play but also can appreciate that this is a period that you, Nexon, are giving over to address things that really matter to the community.

Maybe do this in March and October every year so it doesn’t clash with major holiday periods?

What does everyone think?

Anything so long as it is a semi-regular way to free up some extra time for the developers and coding team to fix bugs (including the persistent chat bug error that STILL isn’t fixed) and add long-hoped-for features such as making link skills more easily movable, fixing monster cards and monster book etc etc.

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