Maplestory The dissapointment is so real

When I think Pink Bean, I do not think strong or even very strong. Pink Bean is broken, and that’s really what I expected from the PB character. Considering all the limitations placed on him, and the fact that he’s one of the super bosses, I really expected game breaking level of power. Something that really makes you feel like an uber boss that players fear.

I was expecting immunity to all statuses, insane exp multipliers, HP and MP way beyond any other character in the game, and a general level of power that breaks the rules of the game. This is Pink Bean for pity sake; I don’t think it’s wrong to expect that I’d be soloing the world strongest bosses like I was mobbing orange mushrooms. It would be completely different if you could use storage, cash shop or anything else that could give easy boss rewards to other characters, but since that’s not an option, it would just be for kicks and giggles. Instead we get something that’s kinda interesting, kinda strong and kinda unique.

Kinda should NEVER really be applied to Pink bean in any form. For Maple’s first monster class, PB is all style, no substance. He’s just… Weak. Was really, really expecting more than this.

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