Maplestory: To All Hardcore Trainers

Hi everyone, Just wanted to hop on here today to explain what happened to myself and maybe be able to save someone a headache in the process. Last night at 9:07pm PST I was contacted by the Game Manager and shortly after at 9:12pm PST. I was whispered by a GM while training. For those of you that don’t know it is a whisper that is personally sent to you but stands out in the chat like a Smega sort of does using a colored background in this case it being white. Only problem with that is if someone is using a computer that isn’t much better then your average toaster or smart fridge can then make even just staying online and fighting difficult. So in a effort to reduce the lag and increase fps on my desktop when I’m running pet loot and it is spamming the living **** out of I keep it all the way down to a one line, basically non-existent chat. I’m currently level 248 and have played this way now for almost a solid year without ever having a issue with the normal “AFK/Macroing” check-ups. After about two minutes a blue pop up will appear ending any ability you had of controlling or fighting with your character and telling you that your account in under review for suspicious activities press “ok” to continue.

After pressing continue I encountered a graphical error that caused the lower half of my screen to go solid black and lag extremely bad fps wise but not necessarily “In-Game”. It has something to do with me using a outdated windows color scheme which is besides the point. Last time I was approached by a gm I was level 243 and the exact same thing occurred except to the upper half of my screen, which allowed me to turn off pet loot and very slowly get a message off after already having click the “Ok” button on the blue pop up.This time however I was not so lucky. After clicking the button, receiving the graphical error for the second time in three months and losing the ability to see anything in my Knight Stronghold map below the metal arch above the middle platform basically left me a victim of a false removal from the game even though I clicked a pop that also was activated/triggers or sent. Regardless of what you want to call the precautionary steps that nexon goes through to prove who is botting and who is not are completely unjustified. The “evidence” they gather isn’t really any type of proof that could prove anything in any type of scenario except for this magical fairyland we call Maplestory.

So just a word of advice to anyone who happens to not play on a effective or capable computer to just sign off if you click the “ok” button and receive a error like myself because trying to continue to play in an effort to save your 30% exp from the spirt pendant isn’t worth the large amount of time nexon with remove if you don’t talk to a lonely Gm before his bedtime. Would love to hear if anyone else has experienced a issue like this and has anything to add.

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