Maplestory Two New Demon Classes

Cygnus Knights and Resistance both have four or more innate classes (counting Xenon) so I think it’d be cool if the demons had their own set. There’s already Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger so they could add Demon Slasher or Demon Scythe where they would use scythe weapons like the one xenodroid in Black Heaven.

Then they could also add like a Demon Controller or Demon Soul Stealer which would have its own unique mechanics based on killing mobs. Sorta like the new monster collection book except you would collect the souls from mobs that would randomly drop (with low rates).

The soul types would then forge different types of soul weapons and then the number of souls would increase the strength. So they could split the mobs into groups like humanoid, animal (sand rats), material (golems, slimes), mechanical (droids), etc. Each main type would create a different soul weapon.

Sort of like Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia or some of the other Castlevania games that relied on a mob soul stealing mechanic.

Oh also some of the mob souls could give different abilities like double jumping, sliding, vertical jumping, increased drop rate, increased spawn rate, etc.

So in some respects they’d also be similar to Kanna in that they could increase mob spawn rates.

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