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Deserted Camp

Please add back scrolling guild message under guild name

So, most of the changes to guilds I largely like, as it seems more organized. However, before the guild page update, there was a scrolling message below the guild name that Jr. Masters and Guild leaders could use in order to show the guild a

Backup Beatdown

Remove the skill interval of Jett’s Backup Beatdown

Backup Beatdown is a decent skill. It hits quite a large number of enemies and its final attack is very powerful… What I find problematic is its skill interval. The final attack is programmed to be automatically activated, just as the skill explanation says, approximately

Masteria Through

Much smoother technically than the clunky Masteria Through Time

Overall this is a nice little story (and, I daresay, much smoother technically than the clunky Masteria Through Time), but I do have some suggestions for improvement. Mostly I am concerned with the usefulness of the area once one has completed the questline. 1. Allow

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Let the cuteness of MapleStory 2 woo you

We’ve got another video preview of the upcoming MapleStory 2 for you to check out today, albeit with the standard “it’s not in English, so either get really good at Korean fast or just pretend that you know what’s happening” disclaimer. So what do you

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MapleStory2 Outfits, items and hair Info

Maplestory 2┬ámakes it possible to greatly customize your character and essentially design your own items. You’ll also be able to create group outfits for your guilds and buddies. Change the colour, placement and length of hair. Rotate your hat (ie, cap facing back or sideways).

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Make your own Dungeon Info In MapleStory2

Players can create intricate dungeons. Creation is done via a simple interface with some basic programming blocks in place to allow for a surprising amount of customization. For example, you can spawn specific monsters or events when someone enters a room. You are also able

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Build Maplestory2 house

1)Buy a plot of land and build your own house in MapleStory! This opens the game up to a lot of unique opportunities. 2)Your house can be built and decorated by yourself or with friends. There you can chat with your friends and store your

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MapleStory2 Customization

There is a great deal of focus on allowing players to customize their MapleStory2 experience. Not only can you change the way your player looks, you can also build houses and create your own dungeons!