Maplestory2: how to play it outside of korea?

Hi, looking for some time now if its possible for a player in EU (or anywhere outside of Korea) to play to game.

this is what i found so far: i think at this point you can only play ms2 if you have verified your nexonkorea account with a mobile phone in korea. but i have heard that if you have not verified your account its possible you can play ms2 but can’t play from midnight to 06:00 am Korean time. also i have read that you can buy a verified nexonkorea account on some shady websites people say that there account works but people also say that its better not to buy a account from a third party website (obviously)

at this point i dont know what is true and what not I just want to play the game like we all do i think.
so if some one can tell me what i can do to play ms2 that would be great!

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