Masteria Through Time [Discussion]

the hype right now is so real. A Masteria expansion like i cant even begin….
What do YOU hope to see in this update.

for me.
a Naricain boss fight, like oh man i do want this boss fight i do HOPE it’s going to be in this content. It’d probably be in part 3/4 if it was introduced but i pray that it’s a thing. there has been SO MUCH MYSTERY BEHIND NARICAIN not even just him but Christopher and Subani as well. AND NOW WE KNOW WHAT ALL THREE LOOK LIKE DSAGWEKRGNFGW. (fanboying super hard right now)

I DO HOPE however that if the naricain boss fight ends up being a t hing that it REQUIRES you to have a mark of naricain to go in and do it.

A token given to those who have found favor with the demon Naricain. It may be wise to hold onto this…

that description has taunted me for years. also ^^^^^^

Demon, since the content shows that Naricain fairly human, it makes me wonder what in the worlds going to happen in this content to make him a demon.

Can’t….. Contain…. Excitment.

I wonder what the accessories are going to be like. Most equipment from masteria is REALLY cool looking and it’s easy to tell where it originates from, i do hope that trend continues with this update.


ahem fanboying aside, what do you guys think?

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