Minor inconveniences

These things are not game breaking, some of them have been like that for years, but they are very annoying to me.

– Hidden drop on bosses: some bosses have terrain that cover a part of their drop. And I don’t know if it is intentional or not, the most important drop are usually covered. E.g: zakum and horntail. Please remove the front cover terrain or move them back 1-2 layers, no harm done

– Bosses magic eater, drain and 1/1 skills: I don’t have problem with any of them, I really don’t. What I do have problem with is that those skills have virtually no cooldown. Boss just spam them as they like it. There are times that Zakum did 1/1 on me 5 times in a row, or horntail eat all my buffs 4 times in a row. I stood there like an idiot eating potions and rebuffing till they decide to stop. That’s not fun, not challenging or requiring any skills. Please add some innate cooldown to those skills, like Pink Bean’s damage reflect skill has 40 seconds cooldown or something like that.

– Bosses absolute shield: yeah you deal 1 damage to boss. Again I don’t have problem with boss having shield, but I do mind the duration of these shields. Most of them last 45 seconds or something like that, and during that time I stood there eating potions again since I cannot do anything. No fun, no challenge. Please reduce the duration of those to 10-15 seconds or so.

– Chaos horntail damage reflect: the only issue I have with this one is that the effect actually goes up before the animation, I have to test out every time the head cast something to see if it is DR or not. Please match it.

– Black-hearted earring: the one from hilla box. Can’t drop it, can’t trade it, can’t move it to cash inventory. Did I just lose a precious equip space for no reason at all?

– Commerci drop: if you D/C during trade, you lose everything on the voyage. I lost a sweetwater weapon this way. Is there anything we can do to change that? Also, 7-8+ multi-kill increase lag spike and chance to D/C. Another one is that you cannot drop item on this voyage, but bosses drop stuff that goes directly into your inventory, like cubes. If your inventory is full, you lose the item. Why bother making it saving most of the drop till the end but leave some untouched?

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