Murgoth Dungeon Suggestions

By and large, Murgoth Dungeon is a great event. It had a lot of thought put into it. Unfortunately, as with most events…. the community has ruined it. Here’s how:

1) Using alts – Many people just play against/with their alts. If they’re matched with anyone else they just leave.

2) Unfair advantages – Many also just pick the highest range/level they can find, party with them, and then stay with them for 10 straight games.

Given these results, I think there can be some changes made:

1) Random teams – No parties allowed. None at all. Every match will be with random people. This prevents stacking the deck and using alts.

2) Level difference – Rather than averaging the party level, which just makes it easier for the higher level, average between the parties – For a 206 and 208 vs 232 and 240, the 206 and 208 would face level 207 enemies and the 232 and 240 would face level 236 enemies.

3) Range difference – Take the average range of the party members, and make each enemy take either 50, 100 , or 150 hits of that range. So if you had a 200K and 300K range party, the enemies would take 15mil, 30mil, or 45mil to kill. That way if that party was facing people with 1.2mil and 2m range, it would be fair, because it wouldn’t be calculated by the range of the other party.

4) Equal Prizes – Please, instance the drops. How are we supposed to share when we don’t know what the soul shards are for? One person might need different souls than another person, and never end up getting it because their partner takes it without them knowing that it’s the one they want.

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