My gratitude to Nexon remains regardless for MapleStory

I would have loved to thank you for your wonderful present of a unique potential scroll. However, it ended up more like a kick in the belly than with a sweet smile.

I had the happy surprise, at login, to find the present icone. Found out that WOW! It’s for a Unique Potential Scroll. I already started planning to charge some NX in order to cube the piece of equip I would have scrolled to Unique, in order to make the best of the present, bringing it to some meaningful stats. But … to no avail.

Scrolling failed, and I logged off without ever charging my account, disappointed and thinking that I would have preferred to receive as a present something like a virtual flower, which would have in any case brought a smile to me, rather than the promises of something wonderful, but unfulfilled.

Would you consider, next time, a 100% present, which would have the whole of the Maple Community smiling? Because even if it would have succeeded for me, it would have failed for others. And this is just not how I consider Joy.

What would for Nexon be the difference between a 80% and a 100% scroll? A 100% happy Maplers?

Unless I am missing something and we’re supposed to purchase some form of NX in the process? Which then would not be a present but a deal, and could be getting a specific icon of two hands shaking each other? I don’t mind anything as long as it’s sincere.

But the icon was one of a present. And it’s because I also care for Nexon, and I don’t take Maple Story for granted – I consider that to spend some NX is a favour I owe them in exchange for this wonderful game and their dedication to it.

However, a present to me is a present. And this hasn’t become one for me, and for at least 20% of other Maplers, which is a bit sad.

Yes I realise now that it was a reward for a quest which I have been missing. We can be kinda busy on Maple Story, and while in the beginning there were some rare events to which we could always attend, now I can not always hold the pace with all of the current events.

So I consider myself as lucky for having received a present for which event I was not aware to have participated to.

For the rest of your and other people’s words of scorn: I won’t give any further attention, as my attitude and intention are apparently far from what you grasp and understand of it.

My gratitude to Nexon remains regardless for MapleStory.

I’m gone for this thread. So if you wish to continue smearing your own bile and quite ignorant assumptions, carry on little Ones, I won’t be there to get it.


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