New challenges in MS’s 2D platform environment

So as far as Im aware the new jett revamp has not gone over very well with popularity, I could be mistaken. I personally loved the original jetts despite it being a reskin of the brawler and gunslinger revamp and the skills were awesome. Am I the only one who prefers the old jett to the new one? just curious; Also I am going to assume that Ultimate Adventurers are never making a comeback even tho all the cygnus knights finally got revamped? This isnt a rant but rather opinion and observations

After the revamp, Jett was designed to become MS’s answer to a Speed-type job. As the name suggests, these jobs use their incredible constant momentum to slam headlong into enemies for damage. Much like the traits of a certain infamous blue Sega hedgehog…

Implementing this new design comes with new challenges in MS’s 2D platform environment. One of which is the need for tight controls. Problems such as Skill delays and server lag which interrupt the flow of combat make this playstyle almost impossible to play. When it comes to Jett, her signature Starline skill chain has a noticeable skill delay. Also worth noting you only start dashing after the first two skills are used.

This unique playstyle is not for everyone, but those that like a new take on an old classic may find Jett entertaining. So pack your pedometers and down some espresso. The world is your own parkour course. Woe to any baddie who doesn’t look both ways before crossing your path.

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