New Poe Items in Path of exile 3.1.0

The War for the Atlas and the Abyss Challenge Leagues start off in less than two days! As usual, we’ve gathered the important item filter and ability tree data to have you ready. This post is predominantly developed for tool authors and advanced Path of Exile customers. If you’re new towards the game and not confident what to do with this data, do not worry as well substantially! PoeCurrencyBuy Will update Path of Exile’s built-in item filter inside the game plus the Passive Talent Tree around the web page alongside the launch of The War for the Atlas.

Orb of Annulment – Stackable Currency
Orb of Annulment is really a Poe currency item obtained by combining a complete stack of Annulment Shards (that are dropped by harbingers in the harbinger league). It may be utilized to eliminate a random modifier from a magic or rare item.

Stygian Vise – Belt
Stygian Vise is actually a belt base variety and This item is exclusive to the Abyss leagues.

Bottled Storm – Quest Item
Quest Items is an item class for items connected to quests; they could be expected to finishing a quest or are rewarded to players that finish a single. Quest items cannot be traded away or moved to a stash. They will be dropped around the ground, having said that.

Volatile Dead – Active Talent Gems
At 5% base crit chance Volatile Dead would probably perform finest constructed as a standard Elemental Overload fire spellcaster. You most likely don?¡¥t wish to develop for igniting on account of Volatile Dead causing numerous hits rather than a single large hit. (base 3 corpse detonations and 3 orb detonations per cast)
To ensure that likely signifies Berserker. With Elementalist or Necromancer as second ideal possibilities.
Berserker wants no explanation.
Elementalist is still quite great even when not constructing around ignite for Mastermind of Discord and Paragon of Calamity.
No notion how Necromancer would measure up. It is determined by just how much mileage you may get out from the stacking buff from Spirit Eater; it could get rather higher with Volatile Dead + Spell Echo/Spell Cascade eating 6/9 corpses per cast. Plus Mistress of Sacrifice is generally good to possess.

Unearth – Active Talent Gems
New Lightning Tendrils for EE and EO. A whole lot Improved than Storm Burst, anyway, even though I’m not confident if that’s not greater when it comes to variety and hit price (particularly with GMP). Essentially I’d use Wither for chaos damage setups and LT / SB for elemental primarily based ones.
Nonetheless, bear in mind, that CwC only casts 1 spell just about every proc. When you socket quite a few, they’ll be cast in turns (ruined a fantastic firestorm + vortex cwc make for me; vortex for close combat, firestorm for the edge of screen cleaning). If you want a faster setup, contemplate a three hyperlink cwc Spirit Supplying with Unearth GMP in a CWDT setup or the other way around (Heartbound Loop is definitely an alternative). If you get Unearth as CWDT, you’ll be able to add a different two projectiles with Volley or LMP.

Despair – Active Skill Gems
Gruthkul, Mother of Despair is really an exceptional monster situated within the Dread Thicket in Act 7.

Lightning Tendrils – Active Ability Gems
Lightning Tendrils is usually a spell that releases surges of lightning damage from your hands in swift succession, damaging enemies in an arc in front of you.
The region of Effect: Lightning Tendrils offers Location Harm within a wide-angled cone with a base radius of 22 units. Modifiers, for example, increased Location of Impact will affect the radius of the cone but not the angle.
Repeated Cast: A single use of Lightning Tendrils consists of four smaller casts, each and every dealing the complete harm on the spell. A single essential strike roll is performed for all four casts. Linking the ability to Spell Echo Help will lead to the player to perform eight casts.
Mock Channelling: In spite of the look and functional similarity to channeled skills, Lightning Tendrils isn’t Channelled. This restricts it from use with channeling supports for example Cast though Channelling Support. Lightning Tendrils is having said that compatible with Spell Echo Help when actual channeled skills usually are not.
Trigger Gems: Similar to Incinerate and Flameblast, Lightning Tendrils can be a spell that consists of several smaller sized casts, and hence cannot be supported by triggers like Cast when Damage Taken Help or Cast On Essential Strike Help.
Traps and Mines: Related to Incinerate and Flameblast, Lightning Tendrils can be a spell that exhibits a “channeled” behavior and hence can’t be supported by Remote Mine Help or Trap SupportTrap SupportSupport, Trap, Duration
Icon: T
Mana Multiplier: 140%
Can store 3 use(s)
Cooldown Time: four.00 secRequires Level 8Supports spells, or attacks that use bows or wands. As opposed to working with that talent, you’ll throw a trap that could use the skill for you personally when an enemy walks close to it.Per 1% High-quality:
Supported Skills have 0.5% increased Trap Throwing SpeedTrap lasts 16 seconds
Supported Skills deal (20-39)% extra Trap Harm
Supported Attack Skills cannot be utilized with Melee WeaponsThis is actually an Assistance Gem. It doesn’t grant a bonus to your character, but to skills in sockets connected to it. Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the Active Talent Gem you wish to augment. Appropriate click to remove from a socket.

Cremation – Active Skill Gems
A tileset from act 3, layout and style is quite comparable to the ACT zone in the identical name. Pretty few wide open spaces and lots of doorways and tiny hall locations. The map is divided into 5 sub-areas connected by stairs. The boss is positioned in the last sub-area.

Bodyswap – Active Skill Gems
So the new uniques they posted consists of this line “Be certain to bring a Leap Slam, Flame Dash, Blink Arrow, Bodyswap or Lightning Warp with you.”
Appears a whole lot like a list of movement skills to me, but there is one particular ideal in the middle that I don’t recognize. My guess would be a movement skill which will be added to the December expansion and that she has tested/played with it and wrote it without the need of pondering… Either that or they planted it on purpose.
So… swap places with any other targetable, or only build a doppelganger/clone and swap with it (caster version of blink arrow?), or swap with the enemy, or X?

Storm Barrier Support – Help Skill Gems

Volley Assistance – Support Skill Gems
Kinetic Blast + Volley + GMP + LMP + = 21 projectiles = 84 explosions , all of which do full ailment harm. Now I choose to play Poison Wander once more!
Not surprisingly, it truly is unlikely a target is going to be hit by all 84 explosions at a time (specifically since if it is actually hit by a projectile, it necessarily won’t be hit by any of that projectile’s explosions) but nonetheless…
Edit: Nope. It just adds +2 projectiles and spreads them all out amongst three origin points. So not valuable for this.
Spell Cascade Assistance – Support Ability Gems
I feel this would be genuinely neat in order that you can swap the orientation based on what sort of map you’re operating or a thing, or in particular if you might swap it while around the move so you could manipulate the region to greatest kill a given pack.

Ancestral Get in touch with Support – Help Ability Gems
If applied in conjunction with melee Splash, you get fairly insane AoE clear coverage and damage raise.
You hit 3 targets, every single of which splashes and overlaps on the other targets. With level 1 values of ancestral get in touch with it currently is an about 80-90% additional harm multiplier when overlapping. Assuming the damage malus decreases with levels, it will be a ~110-135% extra multi at level 20, according to how it scales.
Also, I believe infernal blow is definitely an edge case of a name lock talent that does not want ancestral get in touch with. IB is far more about scaling the explosion and AC is detrimental to it.

Mirage Archer Help -Support Ability Gems
Supports attack skills that will be made use of with bows. Will have no effect if not using a bow.
Can have as much as 1 Mirage Archer Summoned at a time
Mirage Archer lasts four seconds
If you Hit an Enemy with an Arrow from a Supported Talent, Summon a Mirage Archer which makes use of that Talent
Mirage Archer utilizes Supported Skill with 60% much less Attack Speed
Mirage Archer deals 11% less Damage with Supported Skills


Normally, they are not worth the problems for causes which are enough in the long run. Whilst they are valuable for players who may know absolutely nothing in regards to the game. For probably the most aspect, they’re finding out tools for beginners to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.1 News, you are able to take a look at Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code totally free in the reps for those who Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.

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