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Hi my name is Mous2 on Demethos. I was wondering how Bosses work later in the game. As of now, I am a LVL 90 ish as a demon avenger. My question is whether chaos bosses require teamwork among more than 4 players? Can there be more than four players in the party queue? I’ve done Zakum and Balrog easy, and like the difficulty level suggests, they’ve become fairly easy. And, is there a dungeon kind of thing and a raidng kind of feature in the game?

I have another question: Is there any cooperative work on maple other than bossing?
Sorry with all the questions, but the help is appreciated!

1. Chaos bosses are much tougher than the normal bosses you’ve faced so far so it’s recommended that you have a high level, a good range, and other people however if you alone are a high enough level with a very good range (in the 100+ mil range but for bosses tougher than Zakum, you’ll need to go the extra mile) you could solo.

There are other bosses you can go to in the future such as Hilla or easy Magnus if you want to try them out. I believe they open at around 100?

2. Yes, there can be up to six players in a party.

3. No, there is no dungeon for raiding unless you count bossing or gathering a bunch of people to train on a map with you as a raid.

4. Yes, there is cooperative work on Maple and that is party quests. Unfortunately, they are not often used except for the Romeo and Juliet party quest and even then people don’t go there to complete it but rather to train on one single map with robots in it until 140.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask and welcome to Maple

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