Nexon maplestory We need to talk, seriously

I can not believe that every time there is a double experience weekend event, all these “pros” and those who reach the maximum cap of damage, take over all maps on all channels both first drill hall as Second drill hall … that’s not all, when you ask for party simply do not respond and continue on his own making to whoever just think that thay are using macro …

I do not care really, what matters to me is that from lvl 165 the only 2 places to train are those two and it is really impossible because there are people who appropriates these maps from 1 and up to 2 days before the event.

so please nexon we want that return Hall of Honor or at least put elsewhere to train … I also remember twiligth perion with the gollem map…

I do not care who get to level 250 and others, I just want to train with my friends in every event without having to beg on each map.

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