Not sure how to get more range

I started a new Bishop.

I already have a clean faf staff (Will replace if I find a perfectly scrolled one), clean Dunwitch hat, top and bottom, superior gollux ring, Tyrant cloak, superior belt and superior earrings.

So I’m just wondering, what should I spend my nx and mesos on first to get the most out of them? A perfectly scrolled weapon, then cube it? Or cube some of my equips first to tier up? When should I stop cubing and move onto a different piece of equipment, when it’s tiered up or when it has good stats? With my limited nx funds, at what %’s or tier should I stop cubing to get the most out of it?

Some of you might be saying that I should aim for as much % as possible, but I don’t have all the nx in the world. With my limited nx funding, I’m hoping someone will guide me.

Thanks for reading~

Edit: The title should’ve said “Not sure how to get more range from equipment” since I have skill links, character cards, etc.

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