Okay, I just had a really strange experience

I was playing my Beast Tamer. I went to El Nath to kill Zak, reach 130, and get the event ring.

I got the Eye of Fire from Adobis, killed all the arms and the first phase Zak.

Okay, here’s the strange part. After Zak second phase’s magic immune buff disappeared, I used the skill Bear Assault to finish it off quickly. But instead of Bear Assault, I accidentally pressed Majestic Trumpet. And then Zak just died.

It was not in its last phase, and yet it just crumbled and died. I assume there is something wrong the fire Majestic Trumpet skill left, but I don’t know exactly what caused it. It was not Easy Zak either – if it was I would have killed it in 2 sec.

I didn’t get any exp too (or at least not the amount Zak should give). Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a known glitch?

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