One of my best friends got hacked

My friend got hacked a few days ago and the hacker took all his stuff and is selling it in GRAZED fm right now T-T I don’t think I can name the merchant selling my friend’s warrior gear (he was a paladin) because that would probably be slander as per forum rules.

Does Nexon respond to tickets about getting hacked? ):

My friend doesn’t play that often anymore, but he does come on a few times a month to hang out and talk with everyone. He put a lot of time and money into his account and our group of friends geared up together, helping each other with making our gear. The hacker even disbanded his guild for no reason at all… it wasn’t even a big guild, just a guild with our friends in it.

I’m just a bit upset at this point, so I’m rambling a bit.
Has anyone been through a similar situation and gotten a reply from Nexon?

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