Bear/Cat is the suggested build

Putting points into each animal is actually a really bad idea because it will take you much longer to get better skills. Bear/Cat is the suggested build, so you can boss and also be supportive. Bear is really good at mobbing, despite being stationary for

Maplestory Blockbusters and SoloStory

[MapleStory] – Monster Collection

Some monster really no idea how to get it. Yesterday i hunting wooden mask for almost 2- 3 hour to summon the but it was not showing out any of sticky wooden mask. This is irritating! I want the slowt reward last monster is

MAPLESTORY 2D platform

Why MapleStory Is Still A Good Game

A little discussion video for you guys again. Hope you enjoy these types of content because I certainly love making these kinds of vids. MapleStory isn’t as shitty a game as you guys think it is you just need to be less narrow-minded about things