Perm Nx in Reboot is Rigged

So what’s up the premium, anniversary boxes? The Cash shop update page says there’s like 100 different selections you can possibly get from opening a box but they don’t list all the items that you can get. I feel like Nexon should give a clear list of what you can get from the boxes, otherwise it just seems like half a scam. Also, specifically for Reboot, I’ve noticed people often get duplicates but because it’s Reboot, there’s no way to trade or sell your duplicates and everytime you open a box its just 1/100 all over again so I feel like something should be done about that too. There should be an option to either trade perm nx with other people or just have the option to not get duplicates out of choice, along with opposite gender equips.

3,400 is the usual price for one box and that is so not worth it! Nexon pls no skem us

People put up with useless/ugly/duplicate results in Royal and other random hair/face coupons, so why not with surprise style boxes? At least with the style boxes you can put some items on your android, or transfer them to your other chars at the next cash item transfer event.

It’s true that, with 100 different items, the expected cost of getting the one(s) you want is way higher than when it’s 6 or 9 hair/face styles. So I support the various suggestions for shrinking the reward pool by making the boxes more specialized.

The best solution, at least for the players, would be to simply offer the items individually in the cash shop. I think it would also be best for Nexon, because a lot more players would buy equipment covers directly than would join the lottery. I don’t know whether 1000 players buying $10 worth of selectable items each add up to more $$$ than 10 players spending $1000 on random boxes each, but it definitely generates much more good will and player satisfaction.

I agree with gamechanger that Reboot should not allow trading perm NX clothes, any more than it allows trading anything else.

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