Petition/ban appeal for sudden mission exploiters and accidental “exploitation”

im very upset that nexon has not immediately directed this issue as it is of great importance. there are two kind of people being affected and abusing this glitch. any character lvl 250 will receive an unknown error upon receiving your prize due to the inability to obtain anymore exp. I’m sure some people abused it knowingly but most of us thought the error was the exp not being given. There are TONS of error messages you receive daily in maplestory for nonsense reasons how can we tell the difference between those daily random errors and an error with a time stamp on it allowing you to continue receiving rewards. the other people abusing this are definitely exploiting it by means of 3rd party programs that’s the only possible explanation I can think of why they would be given the same error as a lvl 250 character who can literally not gain any more exp. Please this issue needs to be taken care of its affecting loyal innocent players too. I hope a gm team can come together with a solution to sort out the legit from the exploiters intentionally

And just how do you suggest they sort out the accidental from intentional exploiters?
Are they mind readers?

I’ll tell you how I’d do it: I’d go over the game logs and see whether you’ve ever done a sudden mission on another character, in the same account or another account.
If you never did, then it’s somewhat plausible that you honestly thought sudden mission rewards were “grab all you can in the time allotted”, as some bonus stages in the game are.
If you did, however, then you must have realized that normal characters only get one reward. If you kept doing sudden missions on your level 250 after that, and claiming scores of rewards, it must have been intentional.

This type of investigation takes time. I have no idea what log-searching tools they have, nor how much time they can dedicate to one investigation over dozens of other ban appeals and other requests. You have to be patient. If you are innocent, you will get your account back eventually, and possibly with some kind of compensation. Until then, stop spamming the forums (and, I suspect, the live chat and the ticket system as well), and annoying the rest of us players as well as all of Nexon’s employees.

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