Pirates being “Fancy and Unique” is extremely false advertisement

Since she is telling you about what class you can choose to be as an Explorer, she is only referring to Buccaneers and Corsairs.

That said, her “fancy and unique” line is just Nexon’s cop-out for saying “I’ve no idea what these classes have in common or why we lumped them together.”

The fact that later pirate classes, in other class sets, resemble each other, is actually a good thing. Pirates aren’t just “every random class idea that doesn’t fit the 4 clear categories”, they have their typical characteristics.

And since we’re talking about Sugar, Pirates, and the Explorer story quests, allow me to detour into a rant of my own:
I recently did the Explorer Emblem quest line for the first time on a Pirate. Cannoneer, to be precise.

For anyone who has never gone through the Cannoneer tutorial, here’s a brief:
The cannoneer-to-be starts on a boat headed to Maple Island, to become an Explorer. The boat is attacked by balrog, and our character is knocked overboard and washes up on an island. The island is home to a monkey and a pirate who used to be Kyrin’s engineer in charge of cannons. After some quests to familiarize the player with walking, jumping, climbing, attacking, looting, and breaking boxes, all three of you escape by being shot out of a huge cannon, and end up in the Nautilus, where you are offered the new specialty of toting a small cannon around, accompanied by your monkey.

So, the Cannoneer has never been to Maple Island. But they get the exact same Explorer Journal as everyone else, starting with the red maple leaf they find and put between its pages, to remind them of the big maple tree they saw in the middle of Maple Island…

Later on, in the scene in Temple of Time, Athena says that you’re not originally from Maple World. This kind of makes sense for the other Explorers, since you start out in a strange darkness and fall onto the Maple Tree, and there’s no reasonable explanation of where you came from and how you ended up in the tree. “You” are puzzled by where you are.

But cannoneer starts on a boat, and speaks as if “you” boarded it intentionally and know exactly where you came from and where you’re going: to Maple Island to become an Explorer. So it looks like Cannoneers are from Maple World, unlike other Explorers.

Finally, when you and the four NPCs representing the other Explorer branches go off to look for your respective hero, you get told that because pirates didn’t exist back then, you’ll go to “the final hero” Luminous.
In what sense is Luminous “the final hero”, except the order in which the heros were introduced to the game, which is completely irrelevant to anyone inside Maple World?
It would have made a lot more sense to send a magician explorer to Luminous, and the pirate to Evan, who’s the odd “hero” out because he’s not actually one of the five known to have sealed the Black Mage. You’d get sent to him on the off-chance that he or Mir might, by some magic, have inherited some knowledge from Freud or Afrien.

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