Playing MS2 with a Gamepad

In this tutorial I'll be using Xpadder. They aren't free but freeware programs like Joytokey, Antimicro and other don't work with MS2.


Controller Mapping Software


Pinnacle Game Profiler (Recommended)


Choosing the right controller

You can use any controller you have laying around, as long as it can be connected to your Windows PC (either through USB or a dongle.)

I prefer using my Wii U Pro Controller with this adapter.


Setting up Xpadder

If you are using Windows 8.1, right click > Properties > Compatibility run as W7 compatibility mode and administrator.

Controller Icon > New

These are the default hotkeys in MS2:

This is my setup:

Right Stick: Arrow keys (Movement)

Left Stick: Arrow Keys (Movement)

DPAD: Up-Balloon, Down-Climb,

A: CTRL-SP Attack

B: Jump

Y: W-Skill

X: E-Skill

: Potion

-: Potion

R: D-Dash

R2: F-Skill

Enable Sticks (both) and Dpad. Click through all of your controller's buttons and drag the buttons to the appropriate place on the controller layout.

Press OK

You should now get this screen:

Click each of the buttons on the screen and assign a key.


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