Please add back scrolling guild message under guild name

So, most of the changes to guilds I largely like, as it seems more organized. However, before the guild page update, there was a scrolling message below the guild name that Jr. Masters and Guild leaders could use in order to show the guild a message. I would use this to tell members that I would be away or post the times I planned to boss the next day. There was also room for my goofy Jr. Masters to post funny things or maybe a quote of the day that would make people smile.

Instead, we now have guild boards (which is not an improvement as it was there before the update). This is a place where guild members and the master can post things they want never to see the light of day, by anyone, ever. I feel that the update did a lot, and honestly I don’t like the 150k guild point for an emblem thing either (posted in rants and raves, but meant to be taken dead seriously), but that isn’t for this post.

All I’m asking is to please bring back that little scrolling message bar that I could tell people what is going on, and to give them something they will actually look at. The Guild Boards are hard to read, and too much trouble to reach. Please bring them back.

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