Please state the limit of coins we can get from each box

Okay so I know that the coin limit is 70 all together [35 from Crystal and 35 from Cases] but my question is, is the limit applied to the whole account, or just per character?

I’m asking this because I reached the 70 coin limit on one character, and now i’m on another character and I opened about 50 boxes and no coins came out. I don’t know if i’m just extremely unlucky or there is an account bound limit.

IMO this event is so stupid. So much stuff is tied to one time only per account. It makes it very confusing, especially when you have multiple accounts that you play. Opening the boxes is also very buggy. It seems if you open both boxes simultaneously, you randomly get limited to some odd number of coins you get for the day on that particular character instead of the standard 35/35. And why 2 different boxes? Makes it that much more annoying to get. Then some maps (Scrapyard) don’t even drop the ice boxes. That’s a discouragement for me to check out the new maps since I would need the ice boxes to maximize the daily coin collection. The boxes also doesn’t drop in Commerci solo/union trade. I haven’t tried out DI, but I heard the drop rate sucks there. There is just so many “sucks” for these current events.


From my own observations and experiments, there is a limit of 70 (35 & 35) for both boxes. However, it seems that if you open the Firepower cases first, you will not be able to get a max of 70. Chances are that you must open the Ice Crystal Boxes first and max 35 coins before opening Firepower cases for the remaining 35 coins.

Please state the limit of coins we can get from each box. This is seriously annoying at this point. Everyone gets different results every day depending on what order boxes are opened, and even that isn’t consistent. Some people get 40+ coins from one of the boxes, other people swear up and down that it’s 35 FirePower coins per type of box… I mean… What is going on here?

This is not some anomaly that only affects two or three players. A lot of people, including myself, are farming these boxes and meeting less than favorable results. That means it’s not “luck” it’s “Nexon’s developers screwed up (yet again)”. The rate for getting coins from the boxes should be much higher than 1 in 100, and it should be consistent.

We need a GM or a CM or someone who actually knows what the heck is going on to comment on this thread. I understand that Game Updates are when Nexon tacks on a whole slew of information onto the game that they clearly aren’t ready to handle; the broken and misplaced portals in Henesys Market are quite funny, but the glitched event boxes are only making players upset. Some people buy drop cards from the Cash Shop to farm boxes more efficiently and how happy do you think those players are when they open hundreds of boxes and wind up getting zero coins?

I’ve observed that after getting the 35 coin limit from the coolers on my Bishop, the next character (a Wind Archer) I logged into wouldn’t get any coins from the cooler. Then I logged onto yet another character and was able to get coins from the cooler. I logged back onto my WA and was able to get coins again from the cooler.

So please. Since it’s quite apparent that these boxes are not doing what they were intended to do, there is a bug, or multiple bugs. It’s not easy for us, the users, to figure out exactly what is happening. But a programmer can take a look at the code, and check.

No idea what your level is. For my 1st char I usually just DIPQ when I have the time. Awful drop rate though. 17-20/run w/o 2x and it didn’t really double much w/ 2x it was more of 30-35/run. When I ran out of DIPQ tries I went to mutant pigs – better drop rate there, usually 25-30 every 10 minutes w/o 2x and 45-50 every 10 minutes on 2x. I haven’t tried higher level places… too noob.

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