Post your Miracle Time Results!

So, since I’ve pretty much seen this thread every single time when there was a DMT, I figured that I may as well keep up with the tradition. This was also the first DMT that I actually participated in, so there’s that.

Here are my results after 36 red cubes and 12 black cubes: 2 items tiered from unique to legendary (my secondary was my first legendary ever), one from epic to legendary, and the rest from epic to unique.

Used ~400k nx ;x results

managed to cube all my unique stuff to legendary on reg pot
managed to get all of my equips bpots to unique + leg
With all of the leftover cubes, I redid the stats for dex and got as follows:

1. top uni – leg reg pot with 21%. bpot went to uni with 2 good lines
2. earrings uni- leg reg pot with 27%. b pot went to leg with a good line
3. branch nose uni – leg 15% reg pot. bpot went to leg with 2 good lines
4. mask – bpot went to leg with two good lines
5. pend uni- leg pot with 21%. (bpot was already done)
6. pend 2 uni – leg with 21%. bpot was already done
7. hat went from uni to leg 23%. bpot went to leg with 1 good line
8. gloves – pot was done. bpot went to leg with 3 good lines
9. bottoms – pot was done. bpot went to uni with 2 good lines
10. cape – pot was done. b pot went to uni with 2 good lines
11. ring – pot was done. bpot went to uni with 2 good lines

All in all a much better run than anticipated. Managed to pull reg pot on everything up to 21%+ (minus the tier 2 branch nose). Also managed to get a huge boost from b pot on my equips.

Heads up, the black cube tier up rate is REALLY HIGH with mt. Most uni equips leg after a few cubes though some took a pack or two.. Bonus pot was a bit harder to tier but I stopped at uni after 2 good lines or leg the bpot (whichever happens first).

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