Psyche Special Friendship Ring

Hello Maplersssssss!
Does anyone know if the “Psyche Special Friendship Ring” Effect Work with characters of the same Gender?
(both characters are girls)

Please i need to know it, so i can buy it

On the website doesnt explain to much tbh.they just mention that the bunny shirt its for a couple(Male/female).
but no the rings…………

” Permanent Friendship and Couple Items ”

April 8 to April 14 in the Special Promotions > Limited Time Specials category.

Keep your buddies close with permanent friendship and couple equips! When you and your other half each wear an item, a special effect appears! You receive two items – one for you and one that is gifted to another character in your world and of your choosing at the time of purchase. Please note that the Bunny Love T-Shirt can only be gifted to a character of the opposite gender. ”

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