Recruiting an English guild for Kms2

I played MapleStory 1 from when bera was released until about 2 years ago when I just couldn’t take the game anymore. I am very excited for MapleStory 2 and I have already started playing KMS2 throughout the day today, and I am level 15 and love the game so far. I was hoping to get some English speakers that really are excited about MapleStory 2 and want to have an awesome guild and have everybody help each other out. I played MapleStory 1 in bera under the IGN PencilBoxes for years, then transfering to Khaini with the same night lord and playing with some of the best people I’ve met in the game. I’m hoping to get a good group of people together to make an awesome guild while at same time becoming better and more aware of the game while having a lot of fun.

Some of you may remember me from Bera and if you do feel free to add me, I am playing under the IGN Laid feel free to add me or whisper me for a guild invite.

The guild name would be Memory, after my guild me and a friend created when I started playing Zenith when it came out.

See you in game! Happy Mapling!

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