Remove the skill interval of Jett’s Backup Beatdown

Backup Beatdown is a decent skill. It hits quite a large number of enemies and its final attack is very powerful… What I find problematic is its skill interval. The final attack is programmed to be automatically activated, just as the skill explanation says, approximately after 8 seconds. And after landing the blow comes a horribly long delay – almost as long as casting two buffs – which really hinders Jett’s mobility and the flow of her attacks.

Backup Beatdown is a decent skill

Zen’s Dance of the Dragon does not have this problem. Once you raise the skill level to 20, the interval is removed and you can go on infinitely just like Xenon’s Beam Dance. And from what I heard this change was implemented shortly after the Zen revamp. If Zen, Jett’s TMS/CMS counterpart, got that change, then Jett should get that change as well. After all, they are basically the same class, aren’t they?

I had this faint hope that the Detectives update will implement that change, but alas, not a word about it. Removing the skill interval will greatly boost Jett’s mobbing ability. Please remove the skill interval of Backup Beatdown.

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