Returning Maplestory2 player, whats new?

I used to play this game about 1 -2 years ago around the time when Hayato came out and had no hyper skills (I think that’s what its called). Really enjoyed that class but it was an outcast compared to the rest of the DPS classes so just curious hows Hayato doing now? Whats new in terms of classes/bosses, and also at that time I used to play Raven was the best DPS, which classes are now top tier DPS? List a few please so I can see which one would suite my game play.

Thanks a lot for your responses.

“a lot of fun and so are Jett’s” … Jett’s are anything but fun until 3rd job just to get contaminated by bugs and to drop down to boring + low dps in 4th job thanks to more bugs.

1st job: Sure it’s the generic boring first job.

2nd job : No attacking skill with a a better version of your first job gap closer. Still no attack move.

3rd job : Has a really cool attacking skill – But it’s unusable most of the time because it randomly stops doing damage.

4th job : Bug where you can’t use mastery books on certain skills, leaving you with 60 unused SP points.

-In other words you’ll be using your first job mobbing skill until 4th job.

Honestly, i made one because it looked like it was really fun and a viable main. But i ended up deleting it because of all the bugs and glitches that Nexon is too lazy to fix. The only reason you would want to make a jett is if you want to feel special and unique.

Back to the question : Hayatos are in an awful spot. They have awful DPS but they are really fun so if you’re going for fun hayato is a good choice (You’ll have a hard time getting past 140. DIPQ is brutal for hayatos).
Top tier DPS would be wild hunter ,zero and night walker. However, all 3 get nerfed in the future. But if you want to play a top tier DPS class then you have to expect to get hit by the nerf bat.

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