Reviewing Every Archer Class in MapleStory

Hansen or install nexon launcher, once you’ve done that you can find maplestory in nexon launcher and install, you won’t have to install it twice since you already have all the necessary files for the game, that’s how I fixed my problem lol.

That’s what I usually do, while using Fairy Spiral for Aerial attacks and vertical attacking (to get like a platform above). However, Sentinent Arrow can be useful in some maps as well.

cant decide which to play i kinda want to try mercedes class but im a bit inimitated about the combos since after the revamp you need to combo in order to have their main buff be stack to 10 and than again i also want to play bowmaster but i probably going to miss a rushing skill there :S (not so a big fan of the hook).

Wind Archers definitely amuse me when doing dailys. I compare their shooting style to Touhou characters or sideways space-shooters. Also I want to say that Marksmen are for you if you cannot stand the ‘hurricane’ playstyle that every other archer in the game winds up becoming. When it comes to bossing, their playstyle is the most different, and the rangefinder passive is one of the main things that make them efficient at their job.

I remember there was a skill called “Power knockback” or something but I haven’t seen it in bowman’s skills review. Was it removed in one of the patches? And that “Double jump” skill I swear I haven’t seen it before I quit playing MS. If this much needed mobility skill had been added earlier I might not have quit MS.

Unless you plan to become extremely funded, you doing only 1 Line of hurricane damage doesn’t hinder you all that much and can in fact be a better thing since you’re doing full damage and it’s not being split into 2 halves! Higher numbers look better and cooler I’m sure we can all agree Hope that helped haha.

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