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Fantasy war tactics- MapleStory 2 event review

Luminous could also be very strong on lava map I think because he could just chill on slot 4 and maybe on slot 2 or 3 is a bait so eclipse activates and he could come and disarm multiple enemys and activate equilibrium if he


The protagonist reaches the point of no return

Everything moves forward. It’s like a story where the protagonist reaches the point of no return. If Maple were to have stayed in their Pre-BB roots, it would have stagnated and died just the same but this kind of thinking is useless because progress has

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[MapleStory] Prime Scrolling Trixter Assassin Pants

I know this isn’t related to the video at all but why does my game keep closing itself every 5-10 minutes saying that i am hacking even thought i have never done that. I just started playing maple again and that never happened the last

AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Silver for an Sandbox Game

AOSilver Introduces Cheap Albion Online Silver for an Sandbox Game

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Top FFXIV Gil Service Provider In The World

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