Saint equipment seems a little to high for level 30 equipment

The prices are kind of insane I mean, maybe Nexon is giving more opportunities to earn coins but… 750 for untradeable skins, 750 for untradeable Kaiser armor, 1000 for stuff like Pig Illustrated both of which are pretty much purely cosmetics is a little… Sure we might earn more coins in the future but that just means we’ll have to spend more than what’s really necessary where we could’ve saved those coins for something else.

Saint equipment seems a little to high for level 30 equipment that raises stats until level 100… Maybe cutting the prices in half for saint equipment and then cutting all other equipment such as collectables by 1/4th the coin cost. The exp box seems to be a little to high too…

As a collector, I was hoping for the collectible equips, chairs, and mounts to be more affordable. It would be quite a burden for collectors to miss out on upgrading since so many of our coins will be going towards collecting. Please consider changing the prices of collectibles to 100-300 instead of 500-750. Also since I’m running out of equip space (already maxed) on my main character, I will be accepting most of the equips on alts. It would be nice if coins were account tradeable.


The only thing that missing this anniversary is hourly mini games that reward coins where everyone get together and play mini games (like bingo for example, watching other people getting exciting make me feel giddy) (with more than 10 people).

In all seriousness though, I’d actually appreciate the ability to buy Spell traces from the event shop in large quanities (like say a full stack per purchase?) for like 200 coins. I don’t really have all that much I want to buy from the coin shop aside from a few chairs, plus If what Artasi said is true, then placing Spell traces in unlimited amounts for anyone to purchase would be a good first step to encouraging the use of spell traces.

This event would have been much better if it had incorporated something from each anniversary. That said.. I think one thing that is making people so upset, is it appears this event, in itself, “looks” like the only ones who can viably benefit from it are the hackers. (Just went through our FM true to form the only shops selling leaves (MASSIVE AMOUNTS) / event items are hackers shops, the same ones hording all the other mass hacked items we see daily)..

What would make me happy: Being able to farm leaves, sell them, gain coins more efficiency maybe 100/1 ratio recalls the leaf drop event we had one anniversary where you got to go in and catch LOTS of leaves AND one coin per time (no 3 item limit on falling things), that was good and exactly what I am talking about. I don’t mean to hand anyone “free” stuff. That said event you had to be dedicated to gain coins..

And I miss something like cake vs pie where we actually all had to go fight on our respective sides to win and to gain GOOD exp. This whole event just does nothing for players to actually work together. And last but not least, I miss finding maple weapons from monsters, that is a big let down always to not have maple weapons fall from monsters. It is a let down, the whole event, I for one will probably just not do much of any of these events, electing instead to just go about my normal maple routine, commerci runs, bossing etc.

put something in the boxes that make them fun to open, as it is after you reach your coin limit and have all the developer letters there’s no reason to even open them anymore, reduce the cost of items and increase the limits to something reasonable, make things acct tradable, mostly we are told this is a celebration but no one can say what we are supposed to do to celebrate, the events seem really lacking and poorly thought out this year.

you know, releasing some perma pet to buy in the coin shop would be nice as well, I mean they have perma mounts so why not perma pets also. I for one won’t buy a pet that will only end up going away on me in 30 or so days and right now only 2 out of my 6 characters have pets, i need more.

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