Something is bothering me though

I have noone that will smega a congrats to me (very sad face here for real) since noone really gives a crap about me in this game (not looking for sympathy…it is what it is), so I wanted someone else to know, besides my family, and to kind of share in my accomplishment. Two of my kids (13 year old who used to be a Mapler and the 8 year old who is a newbie Mapler–just started her character!) were actually here when the EXP count went up from Level 199 & 99.99% to 200 & 0.03% yesterday evening. It was a great feeling and for once I felt like I had earned it. I have been grinding and questing and bossing my little buttsky off for the past few weeks to get up through the 180s to the 190s and now…victory at last.

And inb4 anyone says anything: yes, I know my daughter is 8, and yes, she DOES go on Maple, but ONLY if I am right there beside her on the computer. She only has permission to Maple when I am here.

Something is bothering me though. I went to do the Twisted Aqua Road quests, and firstly, they are freaking BORING as all heck (kill 300 monsters AND get 300 drops which wouldn’t be so bad if there were GOOD MOBS OF THE DANGED MONSTER!!!!! WTH???), but also is it just me or is Neinheart a real a-hole in this–and that Dr. Whatever Its Name Is that sends you to do all these errands. I find that dialogue REALLY offensive and it turns me off from playing it. I KNOW it is just a game, but being talked “down” to when my character is freaking smart (hee hee hehee…I can do those maths thingies in Red Leaf High Uh YUK lolol) but also very powerful (ugh–well…) and deserving of MUCH more respect than those freaking conceited idiots give me. I KNOW IT IS JUST A GAME!! I just don’t like being talked down to PERIOD and now I don’t even want to go back there and finish because of the dialogue. Again, that is just me I think being overly sensitive? I don’t know. Otherwise, I was hanging out in the Junkard areas (Black Heaven?) and MAN do I love it there! Those level 215 monsters are a handful lol. I like being called “Squishy” too. It makes me giggle every time I go there. Quite the opposite of the other area. It is challenging (still a bit tedious but when is grinding EVER anything but a bit boring and repetitive?) and neat to see the different robots. I can’t wait to be able to go to the even higher areas where there are Level 220+ robots. I don’t dare go there now…if I value what little pride my poor Nisha has left after talking to idiot Neinheart and that other rude piece of crap. Hmmm…Neinheart was always a little condescending…isn’t he? Not that bad though compared to this.

Anyhow…gotta go back to grinding and skulking around the Free Market. I am pretty bored and it is nice and warm out still, so I have my windows open and the breeze feels lovely.

So, brand new 200 here, signing off.

Edit: Well, at least this part of Twisted Aqua Road isn’t so bad. I only have to gather 300 rubble from the bug-dudes that came from Ellin Forest? 0_o MMmkay. Off I go!

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