Source for a list of equipment Set effect level and ID?

I would like to make a guide how to use ”joker equips” effectively and eventually making a suggestion to use them easier. But for my guide, I would like to see a list of set effects level and ID, but I don’t find them unfortunately :/ Can anyone help me?

I dont want equipments ID, I was set effect ID XD

Joker equips are:
-Chaos VonBon/Pierre/Queen/Vellum hat
-All scarlet accessories like earrings, ring and shoulder
-All scarlet weapons.

I would like to make a complete guide if I can gather both infos, set effect Lv and ID for some reasons. The joker equipment will move into 1 set in particular depending of:
First:Highest Set level
Second: If you have two sets having same level and being the highest one for equiping a particular type of equips, then the joker equip will go into the set with highest set ID (number to identify set effect).

So yeah, I need the level and ID lists 😛 I would like to get link of these.

ty for reminder. I even remember I have asked in GMS forum if scarlet ring would go to bounty legend or superior gollux set.

Imma take a look at SP now.

Dam… I will have to look at every patch extractions from there x.x

I also notice they made an error on all bounty sets. Mentionned 25% boss when it’s actually 15% in 4set effect. I know this, because I have 3 equips on 4 in this set with scarlet ring, bounty legend ring and sunglasses.

I guess I can make the list of setID from southperry extraction. Making a guide with these for people who want combine different sets.

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