[Suggestion] Delete the the “””Hack””” Detector. (And other little things)

Just as the title says.

And why? Many would ask.
Simple. It doesn’t work.
I left the game probably like 7 years ago, and I decided to come back this 12/17/2015
I’ve seen some hackers and they are just doing their stuff. And I (and some few people of my guild and alliance) have recived so far right now 4 “””banned””” announcement for the reason of “””Hack”””.
I’ve lost the oportunity of do bosses sometimes at day. Or have to walk all the way back to somewhere.
Is stupid that there are real hackers out there and the system detects those who did nothing.
And 2 of those 4 times that I get the announcements I was just with lag, maybe the system detected somekind of “””Hack””” my lag, which is absurd.

So please, that system of yours, that “””Hack””” Detector… Just delete it, is not usefull.
Oh, and you should fix your game in general too, I say the game in general and not just an error because “Maplestory.exe stop working” has popout sometimes already.
I’ve in this day exactly, 10 days playing, and I just love the game, but this is really, really disappointing me.

And, like an extra to do, you should fix the “Boss count” of the day. Because for some stupid error of the game, we lost the oportunity to do again “X” boss.
We don’t die. We don’t kill. We don’t voluntary exit the boss.
We’re kicked out because the common errors of the game.

If you’re having your 10th anniversary this year, then it shows the real lack of quality to, a game that have 10 YEARS, still have this kind of silly little problems.

Thanks to those who read my message.
I equally feel like no GM or any of the Nexon office is going to read this.
They don’t even care for they players.

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