Suggestion for future burning events

Allow us to burn characters above level 200 but change the way it works for them.

Instead of giving them 2 free levelups every time they level, instead just give them a passive 3x exp modifier until the event ends. You can place restrictions on it, such as only being able to use it for 5 levels (or 1 level if you are above 240 or something) so they don’t get too much out of it but I do think that this would be a good change. A lot of older players, or players who don’t play too many characters don’t have any more use for burning low leveled characters. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, as not every event needs to cater to every player. However we have been getting more and more burning events, if the current pattern continues we should see at least 1 burning event every “season”. Just due to the sheer number of burning events we get I think that is reason enough to warrant extending the event to cover higher leveled players who want to partake in the event designed specifically to ease leveling up.

This is even more important in light of 5th job coming soon-ish. Not only does that update make it even easier to reach level 200 (by lowering the required exp to get there by 1/3) without making leveling past lvl 200 any easier, it also introduces more high level training areas and eventually the black mage. Its high level focused, so a burning event that helps us to get to 130, or even 150 isn’t that helpful anymore. However a burning event that we could also use to power our main from level 210 – 220+ depending on how much time you spend grinding during the event would be much more helpful in general.

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