The cake maplestory2 dungeons are no longer suited for 3 different level ranges

It’s been way too long since this place has been available to players to grind on diabetes-loaded cakes for sweet (no pun intended) cake potions.

But perhaps, maybe we can re open it again this year as well as change around some of the drops?

The cake dungeons are no longer suited for 3 different level ranges, and scale up with the player upon entering and leveling. The cake dungeons also get a 1 hour time limit where one can massacre cakes for the new 10th anniversary equipment, along with past anniversary equipments from the past 9 years.

-The older anniversary equipment would have a higher drop rate, as they have less stat bonuses than the new 10th anniversary equipment.

-Equipment closer to your level will also have higher drop rates, but 10th anniversary’s max drop rate will be equal to the drop rate that the other equipment would drop that aren’t close to your level.

-Cake potions revamped to restore % hp/mp at different % rates:
level 1~30: 15% hp/mp
level 31~60: 25% hp/mp
level 60+: 30% hp/mp

These potions would drop at a high rate at about 50% chance or higher.

Sweet Cake Hill can only be entered once a day per character and the potions are not tradable.

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