The characters all seem so bland

I just feel that the new official Hero art is a little… lackluster? I mean the art’s good, great even, but the characters all seem so… bland to me, like they’re all on the verge of falling asleep or something. Maybe it’s the way their irises are colored, but the old art had them in more dynamic poses and their eyes are a lot more solid, so to speak, more full of determination or personality, something. Sorry, I had to resize them to make sure they fit the forum.

I think Evan’s was the only improvement, to be honest. The image gives him a more child-like appearance, which should be how it is considering that Evan is a child. Shade’s flat look is also forgivable considering his storyline. In fact, he seems lonelier to me while his old art makes him look like he’s headed down some path, like a wanderer about to enter some woods. But the rest? Uh-uh. I guess you could argue that Luminous’s is about the same, but geez. That bland look. Why?

Aran looks quite… well.. sexy with that new art and Mercedes isn’t so bad either. Phantom and Luminous have near identical eye designs and luminous lost his similar look to the White Mage, which isn’t so impressive either. Shade is PCool though, and evan looks like the child he was supposed to be.



Yeah, I like Shade’s new look too. I don’t mean to imply I didn’t with my post. It’s just like a different way of depicting the same character. I dunno. I guess I kind of wished that the new official art portrayed each of the Hero’s character more, like Mercedes aiming to shoot, Aran in battle stance, Phantom dashing while winking as he held up a card, or have Luminous look like he’s having an inner conflict. Something other than having them stand there and smirk/smile/stare blankly at you.

Sometimes less is more. They removed some deteils and also now that the characters are a bit bigger, all the other details don’t look like a huge mess anymore. Just look at Phantom’s old design, you can barely figure out what’s going on on his shirt.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of Mercedes’s new look either. It think it might be the hair too XD Maybe it’s because she’s missing that plant on her head. Maybe it’s the belt and pouch she’s wearing around her hips. Her new outfit does look a lot less… queenly I guess. Who knows.

You are right aaaaaack no wonder, There was a niggling at the back of my head but I didn’t make the connection until you pointed it out. Did they copy and paste all their faces or something and adjusted slightly/not at all? That makes me kind of sad. The Heroes are my favorite characters and they didn’t really put the time to even give them different eyes/expressions uniquely their own.

The older art definitely had both more detail and more character in it. Though the new Evan does look a lot better. It seems though that NexonKorea got a new lead for their art team, as this new style started all the way back with Kinesis and has continued since then. I’m not a big fan of it. For 1 or 2 heroes it would be fine, not for all of them.

Meh I guess you could look at it that way. But the “childish” look of the old art styles has more to do with the fact that they were drawn with the proportions that Maplestory characters have (ie huge heads and fairly short bodies). That can make someone appear more childish to the human brain. The new artwork is definitely nice, but it isn’t Maplestory. I look at the new Aran and I don’t see a hero that could be in the game. But I look at the old one and I can imagine running into her. The colors pop more on the older art, there are more details, and they are drawn in proportion to Maplestory characters.

Really? I always saw Evan as a child because no teen over the age of fourteen could be so na├»ve they could get tricked the way he did by Hiver, let alone a 16+ year old boy, so in my mind, I keep seeing him as around the age of twelve But nonetheless, I still like Evan’s new design the most out of the new arts.

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