The gifts for this weekend are 2x exp and drop MS Coupons

The gifts for this weekend are 2x exp and drop coupons. They’ve already been announced.

Not every day’s gifts can please everyone. I know a lot of people who are happy to get the face coupon. It’s definitely better than Spell Traces, Bits, Power Elixirs, or the temporary expressions we are getting from the current attendance.

In fact, I daresay more people like the salon face coupon than would like Denaro, because people who do Commerci get their own Denaro, and people who don’t do it have no use for it. The number of people like yourself, who managed to lose all their Denaro twice, before unlocking Union, is vanishingly small.

You can ask for Denaro to be added to the next event coin shop, though. That way you can have the opportunity to get them, and other people won’t be affected.

Maestra Fiametta does tell you that you should be careful with your Denaro because you can’t go on a trade if you can’t buy any cargo.

But since nobody reads dialog, she also has an option to give you an extra 10 denaro if you lose them all (Stimulus System), and admonishes you not to do it again.
If you manage to do it again, and before unlocking Commerci Union PQ (which you can go on without Denaro and earn some), then you are SOL.

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