The Maplestory APQ

The Apq has been fixed =) For those of you that don’t remember the Apq was the married party quest located in Amoria. For some reason it was glitched and left that way for years. Anyways, It’s been fixed and I’m always looking for people to party with. I play in the Bellocan server, If you want to come just let me know my IGN is Doomnemesys or you can contact Doily. We normally go in after 2x on weekends and 3pm – 7pm pst weekdays. (sorry it varies) on ch. 5 For those new or haven’t done this one and years, You start with a married lv 40 plus character. Go to Amos’s training ground in Amoria (very last map on the right).

Talk to Amos. He’ll give you a quest to collect 10 lip lock keys. Go over to the map on the left and kill the pigs and evil eyes and they’ll drop the keys. Talk to Amos again. and he’ll give you an entrance ticket. (Can be gotten every six hours) So, if you get it at 1pm and apq at 7pm or later you can do a double run. After you go in, you’ll be in a waiting room you can change channels in there if need be but don’t leave or you will lose that ticket. After the waiting room is Stage One. Wait for the green rings to appear, One of the three will take you to the bottom after pressing up on them. On the bottom they’ll be two rocks with Glimmer man in the middle. Girls go to the rock on the left and Guys on the right. Just press up on the rocks. Go down and kill all the monsters and then the leader can summon a fairy. Kill it and get the hammer. Go up to the mirror and drop the hammer. The leader will collect the mirror shard and complete the stage.

Once the stage is completed, click Amos to move on to stage two. On stage two there will be three portals and three ropes up top. Always start on the first rope (500) 5 people on the first no people on the middle and no people on the right. Then the leader will direct you on where you need to be. Once clear, press up on the green ring that will appear on the bottom of the screen. In stage three, four people will stand on the top platforms and one on the bottom. Let the leader count the slimes that will spawn and then the bottom one will move to the right one and repeat. Till the leader has the answer. (Also if you have to go afk for any reason once this stage clears let your party know and stay behind till your back) Trust me don’t want to clear the next stage with someone afk. Stage four go kill the mobs collect ten cupid codes and drop them on the platform the leader is on. Then the leader will clear. Stage 5 run to the right and up the hill at the end. Break the gates by using regular attacks. Stage 6 is the boss stage. Kill the boss!!! Leader collects the fang and clears stage. Last Stage is bonus. Break open boxes with regular attacks, Pray for Onyx Apples. Happy Apple Hunting People!

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