The Poe Wealth Guide


No matter which Arpg, the player may encounter the problem that the funds cannot meet the demand. Game designers often think about how to balance the player’s spending and making money at the beginning of the game. In Poe too, if you want to be rich, there are some guidelines that can be considered experience. 

Early on you can try to craft good utility flasks and sell em for a buck or two each. Same goes for jewels. Stop when you it 2 good affixes and list it. 

Although I don’t want to say more, you can find a lot of cheap poe currency in other places outside the game, which will save you some time. Of course, this is not the subject of discussion.

In PoE, recipes are very powerful, and learning to use it will help you a lot. 

Make yourself some stashtabs for chaos recipe, fill them up once you get into maps with yellow unid items (if you don’t like unid, go ahead id them and use them for the 1 chaos recipe) every map will probably bring 5-6 items you can throw into your stash. In the end, you will mostly need rings since you need 2 and belts. 

But you also get around 1 ring per map. Now you just farm maps for 3-4 hours, and at the end of the day, you sell all the items. 

It isn’t really all that hard, if you ID all the stuff anyway, keep in mind you can pick up white rings and belts and use low-level essences on them to make them rare for the 1 chaos recipe. 

And, low essences can be easily picked up running through normal or so. 

It is very possible that 30 chaos orbs per day if you spent that extra time to collect all the rares you need. Also, farm silver coins and use them to get nice map additions, getting more rogue exiles, +1 chaos or from recipe or mobs/boxes who drop only rares will speed up this process. 

Less rerolls the better (so if you’re HC, don’t die.)  

This means as your character gets higher level, your gear eventually reaches a point where it is massively expensive for a super duper small upgrade, at this point, most of the time that gear isn’t worth it so everything you make is all profit. Once you’re there, just focus on being efficient (dump tabs, rolling and running maps in bulk)  

Other options:  

  boss farming (uber atziri, early league normal atziri, shaper, guardians)  


  boosting (ulab is pretty much the only one long-term worthwhile, but, can boost other labs and boss kills for short term      currency gains)  

On top of all of this, you have to actually be in maps and kill A LOT of monsters as fast as you can. Preferably with clear speed build and MF. Not just chilling in hideout. Also gotta know how to manage all this loot, what is valuable and what is not. You can also throw in some WTS challenge completions and map completions for stuff like Ulaman kills or Putrid Cloister completion as a side hustle. 

Going to 100 is the simplest way to get a headhunter too. You make so much straight profit once your character is fitted properly and you aren’t wasting more money on super min-max upgrades and rerolls. 


Make the fastest clearing build you can and just map map map until you’re blue in the face.. There are quite some profitable options:  


  shaped anything in loop with sextants (not anything but quite some possibilities)  

  alc and go on cheap stuff and speed run through the map  

  hall of grandmaster  

  uber lab  

Except for the occasional 5ex drop, item sales are pretty minor part of the income. 

The more time you have to play, the more it will pay off to invest in complicated stuff. If you only have one or two hours a day and want to have returns and a good time, normal mapping is better suited because it saves you all the trade time, setup time and startup cost which is SIGNIFICANT. 

If you have everything you want and you’re enjoying your character you’re not hampering anything. If you have an end goal and u want to reach it ASAP then you’re hampering your returns … but then is not having fun and grinding same layout worth the extra money? It’s a matter of what’s more enjoyable after all it is a game for fun and it shouldn’t feel like a chore 


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