The price hikes and amount of gambling for the hero stuff is atrocious

I have been waiting six months for these cash updates. I had expected the royals to be the same, and KMS has the outfits for 11 bucks a pop. NON-GAMBLE.

Now, we finally get it. But guess what? We have to pay two dollars more per package than the normal ones are, and if we want them to be affordable, it’s a GAMBLE. I don’t care if we can trade them. Boxes like giving out hats and shoes. They won’t give out the clothes or weapons much, which is what I want.

And the five bucks for the hair/faces is HORRIBLE. All special royals have been 3.30. ALL OF THEM.

There aren’t more options. Royals have had 6 for months now.

And unless we can PICK THEM, the price hike is horrible and unnecessary. I was going to buy several of them, but I’m not so sure now. Five bucks for a gamble is horrible. Nothing has been 5 bucks that was a gamble.

I have such horrible luck with royals that I’m leaning towards not doing it.

Probably because they know we wanted it. We shouldn’t have said it.
The gamble box I guess I could have seen it coming. But the hair hike is ridiculous. I wouldn’t have figured it’d be any different than the other special ones. I’m hoping they are at least a choice. But I doubt it.

My brother pointed out that for the price of two Evan packages, we can buy a video game IRL. A physical copy at that.

At the other pricing, no. Close, but nope.
And the cost of one royal this time is almost double. No one wants to spend that much on a gamble for pixels. NO ONE.

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