The Problems Marvel Machine creates within this mmorpg

Marvel Machine is great and all for things like 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls however it ruins the lure of grinding for the high end gear that are supposed to be difficult to obtain. In future patches, that include even higher end gear, can we NOT include any NEW high end gear(like the level 200 set being developed in kmst). MMORPGs are supposed to encourage working for your character in a manner similar to the REBOOT server. In my experience, when Tyrant Gloves were released, I enjoyed planning and executing my 360 day farm for the pair of gloves. Marvel Machine kinda took that goal away in like 10 days when they included these gloves into it. Please do not ruin the content people work hard to design and code for with this “cheap” way of obtaining end game gear.

At the same time though, while the gear is available in the marvel machine, it is pretty hard to get. Yea, tyrant gloves are easier to get (a lot, obviously because it’s not a year’s worth of farming) but since they’re still hard to get from marvel, the lowest I’ve seen them is around 11b. Yes, that is a step down from what it normally is, but most players grinding it out aren’t trying to buy it in the first place because they don’t have that much meso. Outlaw hearts? Same thing. 30b+

Perm hyper teles? That’s a high end good in crazy demand
I feel like it doesn’t take away from the majority of the community. If people want to drop tons of money for an insane amount of spins to avoid grinding, then they weren’t even really trying to grind in the first place, and they’d just quit or spend their money elsewhere.

What it comes down to is the fact that Nexon is a company who needs money to continue with development. No money=no game
I say let Nexon get their money from the people who are able to spend it, because overall, it’s not impacting a huge number of players.

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