The protagonist reaches the point of no return

Everything moves forward. It’s like a story where the protagonist reaches the point of no return. If Maple were to have stayed in their Pre-BB roots, it would have stagnated and died just the same but this kind of thinking is useless because progress has already occurred. It’s done and no amount of wishful sighing will ever change that because even if Maple were to revert back today, it doesn’t erase the fact that a change had occurred and people will remember that, have it in their minds as they play their old haunts and they won’t be able to help but to compare and eventually, people will be just as dissatisfied if not more than they were before because they’ll realize that while Nexon has made some mistakes, ultimately, there were changes that were for the best.

people have moved on from maple (meaning they stopped playing not because they stopped liking it but found other things they enjoyed doing or had to stop playing for personal reasons)some may have quit because they didnt like where the game was going, which is fine but they are just the loudest audience of people who stopped playing and are in no way the majority of the people who stopped playing.


the world is different than the times of 05~07 and the online mutiplayer platform has really opened up a lot since then offering more varied experiences than before and few people have the time to try out every game let alone one that is mostly carried by word of mouth.

when new people come to this game in recent times they are greeted by people syaing “** Nexon” or “don’t play game is horrible and is dieing” which really isn’t what people who want a game to survive should be saying to new players and just perpetuates the lack of new players.

also I played Pre-BB and honestly like the game where it is now as apposed to then, its really just the players that make it suck by wanting to either show how superior to others they are or want things to be extremely difficult because “that’s how it was when i was trying to get stronger”. the only thing i miss of pre-BB times was the community was mostly fun then.

When a lot of people start saying the same thing about Maplestory (how terrible it has become) you should start considering believing them. It’s fine if only one or two are criticizing the game, but you simply cannot be ignorant on something many players agree on. So when new people want to try this game, only end up hearing all the terrible things about Maplestory, they are also hearing the truths and nothing is wrong about telling truths, so don’t feel too bad seeing that happening, it is what is supposed to happen when a game turns terrible.

Mind you, you can come up with all the optimistic excuses you want to explain how the player’s population is declining, but being optimistic is not telling the truths to the newbies what really is going on inside Maplestory, therefore you are only hurting them and most likely wasting their time by being optimistic you are now. Don’t tell me you don’t see many complaints about Maplestory nowadays, because I have seen quite enough myself here in the forum, plus some coming from my own experiences inside the game.

you can leave at any time, and if you think the game is dieing then by all means go on with your life without posting and just let it die if that’s what you believe is happening.

if you think it’s a waste of time that new people should try out a game that they might like (or not like) without inserting any negative pre-judgements from the jaded and toxic community then I don’t know what to say.

I have also noticed that player feedback and the better maple initiative leads to implementations on various topics, it just takes time and sometimes a lot of it. Important thing is that it actually happens, and it does. I’m very optimistic about the future for that very reason. I do think some aspects of the game really needs more attention, but this post is long enough already.

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