The trial of Style March 5-9: Do Your Little Turn on the Catwalk

Ladies and gentlemen in the Horde and Alliance, it is time for you to synchronize your wardrobes and prepare to complete the battle. The Trial of Style has arrived and it is time to place your transmogrification capabilities for the test.


You’re Invited!
When: March 5-9
Where: Queue for the 6-player scenario at your friendly neighborhood Transmog NPC
What: Contestants will have two minutes to make Transmog sets from inside their collection, based on themes in the situation. Two players at a time are going to be pulled up on stage to strike a pose and show off their creation- leaving the remaining four to vote on who from the two have managed to capture the theme most effective.

New Season, New Fashions
It wouldn’t be in style to put on the identical factor once again for this season, so we’ve added four new Transmog sets for the collection. There’s a brand new Transmog for every single armor form such as:
Ensemble: Mindwrack Raiment
Ensemble: Tundraspite Armor
Ensemble: Crimson Sentinel Garb
Ensemble: Goldspine Plate

Add Far more Fab to your Fabulous!
In addition to using your Trial of Style Tokens on new armor appearances, you can now spend them on props to supplement your selected Trial of Style ensemble. These props are consumable and can only appear when you’re on stage, but will last for the entirety in the competition.
The trial of Style Flames
The trial of Style Spotlight
The trial of Style Dance Floor

New vendor extraordinaire, Nellie Vogue song sells shirts and tabards inside the Trial of Style in case you forgot to bring one with you.No peeking! It comes as no shock that you are going to be effectively smocked ahead of the competitors begins.Strike a pose and shake your little tush… on the catwalk. When the glitter settles, you will earn your just rewards.

Once the glitter settles and the rounds of voting have completed Initially Place, Second Location, and Third Location winners will probably be awarded. Do not be concerned, even when you do not win, there’s normally the Trial of Style Consolation Prize. These prizes contain Trial of Style Tokens which is usually redeemed for specific Transmog gear in Dalaran.

Fashion conscious citizens of Azeroth may also take advantage of Transmogrification and Barbershop services for free through the Trial of Style. Even when you don’t participate, you are able to adjust your hairstyle and Transmog for no gold expense even though the event is active.

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